For those who work in cold environments, our Brass Knuckle® SmartFlex BK360 is the trifecta — compliance inspiring black-on-black styling; soft and comfortable fitting; and full insulation to provide long-wearing protection from excessive cold. 


About the glove 
The glove provides layered protection, comprising 13-gauge nylon knit on a 7-gauge napped acrylic liner finished with a full foam latex palm and fingers (3/4 coverage on the back of the hand). The foam latex will not stiffen like other coatings in cold environments. Ideally suited for dry-grip applications, BK360 will also help prevent light-liquid penetration, although latex is not recommended for oil exposure.

SmartFlex BK360 feels soft and roomy without compromising dexterity. It fights the cold and looks pretty cool doing it.


  • Foam latex coating on full fingers, palm and 3/4 deep on back. Offers high elasticity. Durable, with improved puncture resistance. Coating remains soft in cold conditions. 
  • The sponge-like foam coating is an excellent dry gripping surface and, when surfaces are wet, the foam latex draws liquids away from the gripping surface, improving slip resistance. 
  • 13-gauge nylon shell with a 7-gauge napped acrylic lower liner. Layered construction is highly recommended for protection from the cold. 
  • Black-on-black style conceals dirt. Loose fitting for improved insulation yet provides excellent dexterity.  
  • A full knit wrist — seamless and stretchable — helps prevent dirt, debris, and cold air from getting inside glove. 
  • Color-coded cuffs indicate glove size and simplify re-issuing.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Tear In

SMARTFLEX BK360 Brochure (pdf)

Brass Knuckle Hand Protection Catalog (pdf)

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