The important part about meeting standards is knowing whose standard to meet. Brass Knuckle® decided a long time ago to make ours the higher standard, which makes compliance with any governing body so much easier.

1) We document that all of our products meet all relative standards. And, believe us, after 70 years in the business, we have learned all the little ways that manufacturers can slip past a standard here or there. Well, not Brass Knuckle. Ever.

2) Then we test again. And again. Each shipment is subjected to independent lab testing. Independent so we can’t influence a result. And our labs and procedures are ISO Certified.

3) We test products randomly at all of our warehouses throughout North America. We pull test samples randomly because we know that some manufactures supply carefully selected product to be tested for certification. Carefully selected ususally means special. “Special” by definition isn’t a standard and it doesn’t represent the whole.

4) If our testing renders any failure, the entire shipment is rejected.

This is our practice and this is our standard. Brass Knuckle style.

Specifics on Standards

Eyewear— US – ANSI Z87.1

Protective Gloves—EN vs. ANSI