We surveyed Brass Knuckle® Brand Ambassadors and hard working American workers who wear Brass Knuckle. We wanted to know what each liked about their experience with our brand. Does it surprise anyone that they all love the same stuff? Excellent style, anti-fog on the eyewear, and fit. Performance enhancing protective wear inspires compliance. Don't need to tell us twice!


Brass Knuckle® introduces the VADER BKGOG-2020N. Our Vader D3-rated splash goggle is merged with our Vader face shield, which covers the rest of the face more closely than conventional shields - and it contours naturally to provide sleek-fitting coverage. And the goggles feature our BK-Anti-FOG protection - crushing the European EN 166/168 antifog standard by 15 X! . 

Brass Knuckle® introduces the BKCR3520, a Cut Level A2 applications requiring a higher level of tactile sensitivity.The glove features cut- and abrasion-resistant reinforcement of the thumb crotch, an area prone to significant wear and tear.


Meet the new ARC enemy. Brass Knuckle® dielectric (no metal parts) eyewear is excellent for lineman and others exposed to electric current. If you can be comfortable, stylish and safer — no shocker — look to Brass Knuckle.


See all or our BK-Anti-FOG and BK-Anti-FOG+ products! Our advanced anti-fog technologies are bonded directly onto the lens surface. No reapplying and no maintenance needed. Workers who wear our safety eyewear with tested, built-in anti-fog technology can see clearly for longer, helping them stay safe and productive. Watch the video. Several products in our line feature BK-Anti-FOG or BK-Anti-FOG+.


SPRINGER BKFLEX-4010 Featuring a one-of-a-kind SpringFlex™ temple, Springerdelivers our face-hugging fit in an unprecedented way. The temples adjust to wider facial profiles by gently bending at a built-in pivot point created by a molded spring in the temple itself. Watch the video.