Put simply, we believe we are different because we are better.

The Brass Knuckle® brand of products was developed and created by experts at a dedicated safety supply company with more than 70 years of experience. We steadily grew as a house brand for more than a decade.

In the end, it was frustrating that we weren’t screaming about our superior product from every mountain top. So...we broke the house brand away from the safety supply house and stand here on the mountain, screaming, “Try us on and you’ll’s just better stuff!”

Our experts know safety products and their unique, application-based features, and designed and developed a superior solution … all at competitive prices. Our products are like no others. Brass Knuckle products can only be obtained from our company through our network of approved distributors.

Every Brass Knuckle product blends ergonomics, protection and cost efficiency to maximize compliance and safety. Every product in the Brass Knuckle line meets our high standards of quality. Our unparalleled understanding of hazards and what products are needed to help assure protection has resulted in the development of this premium line of products.

We are passionate about compliance. And, for that, we talk as much about construction of the product as we do product construction. Join the Building the Brass™ family of testers. You’ll get a taste of how much we let the real world involve itself in the construction of our products.